Mattress Money Mafia is an innovative music entertainment company positioned to reinvent the music industry by combings recording, touring, merchandising and television into a single coordinated entity. We are engaged in the acquisition, distribution, marketing and sales of music and music related products through our record label Mattress Money Mafia.

We are the forward-thinkers, the creatives, and the avant-garde that are pushing the boundaries of what art, music, business, and creativity are today. Mattress Money Mafia is one of the leading recording studio in Miami, Florida offering audio recording & post-production sound services.

Sync & Media

We find partners for our talented creators across uses in Advertising, Film, Promos, TV, Trailers, and more. We do this alongside the creation of diverse and exciting new material for original song opportunities and soundtracks. 

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Mattress Money Mafia exists to support and empower producers and songwriters. Offering the MMM experience, we provide unmatched resources and attention to detail for the best producers in the game.

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